EXPERIENCE COUNTS - Cheap Inspections Don't


 While another $300-$500 or more might seem like the last thing you need when you’re buying a house, experts recommend hiring a professional home inspector to get a better idea of what condition the property is in and what expensive problems might be lurking.

 Even the most honest sellers can be unaware of hidden flaws in their homes — problems you might not want to deal with. Learning about any issues before you fully commit to a home purchase makes the home inspection cost worthwhile.



Normally, the first question that prospective customers ask is "how much do you charge?" when looking for a home inspector. The level of experience and talent of home inspectors varies. The size and age of homes varies. Smaller homes or condos can be inspected in 2 to 3 hours. Older or larger homes can take 4-6 hours. 

Inspectors quote inspection fees using different criteria or methods. Some charge a flat rate, others charge by the square foot of living area. Some charge by square foot of area under the roof, some charge by the price of the house and others charge by the amount of time spent (which is reflective of not only size but condition.) Some consider detached garages as part of the main house and do not charge for them (but may include the square footage into the overall size calculation) while others consider detached garages as outbuildings and charge extra for them. Some inspectors charge for all the optional items, others charge for some of them, others will not inspect for certain items such as swimming pools or septic systems.
Our Pricing Structure is below:

All Professional Residential Inspections start at $295 up to 2,000 sq ft on a slab


12¢ per foot over 2,000 sq ft

Pier-and-beam foundations | $90

Pool/Spa | $75

Sprinkler Systems | $50

Detached building with elec/and or plumbing | $75

Trip Charge Outside of Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall & Tarrant counties  | $30

Re-Inspection | $125


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